Peter Mark as a highly qualified food expert with up to 30 years of R&D experience within the food industry

Problem Solver 

Peter Mark supports you on site developing prototypes, recipes and technical processes. 

Furthermore he performs troubleshooting to help you to identify failed products or processes or general problems in your production. 



Peter Mark transmits his specific R&D know how to your company or/and to your customers in order to optimize your R&D performance. 



Peter Mark imparts his established expertise as well as his experiences of product development, optimizing of technical processes and cost saving into your food production 


Peter Mark will support you with R&D expertise having a clear understanding of food technology processing and its problems. 

He knows to manage interdisciplinary teams and to closely cooperate and coordinate with relevant specialists within your company.


Support can be given for 

·         Development of recipes, using new ingredients, food processing and technologies

·         Preparing of prototypes, also for market research testing 

·         Cost saving of recipes and food processing 

·         Cooperation with suppliers of ingredients and mechanical engineering 

·         Communication with universities and research institutes 

·         Troubleshooting in food production 

·         Building up basics of fundamental research structures within R&D 

·         Optimizing of innovation processes


In addition to R&D expertise Peter Mark is a successfull networker concerning food technologists, ingredients & engineering suppliers and research laboratories. 



Peter Mark is a skilled food technologist, leading the “New Development Department” of the Bahlsen Company for many years.


Several innovations, product- and recipe developments as well as process optimizations were built under his responsibility.


He was leading collaborative projects on a national and international level with external partners as universities, scientific institutes, ingredient and/or equipment suppliers.


Peter Mark takes account of compliance with the food law, production requirements and ethic standards. 


Scope of current activities  

Since 2015 Peter Mark is operating as an independent food technologist. 

He considers himself as a link between food producers, ingredient suppliers and machine manufacturers; he combines R&D with marketing and sales.


Supporting food processing and supplier companies across all R&D matters:

·         R&D consulting activities 

·         Brainstorming and idea generating of food products 

·         Creating product concepts 

·         Troubleshooting in food production 

·         Networking between processing, machinery, ingredients suppliers and science 

·         Presentations of specific themes on customer's behalf



·         R&D project work relating the industrial production of biscuits, cakes and cookies 

·         Understanding of raw materials, recipes, processing and technology 

·         Cost saving projects concerning food products 

·         Knowledge of project management (incl. training und process optimization) 

·         Coordination of interdisciplinary and international teams (marketing, production,     sales,  purchase, controlling, suppliers, agencies) 

·         Implementation and evolution of product development software

·         R&D project management 

·         Focus process orientation 

·         Internal auditor for quality matters 

·         Social skills